Monthly Archives: June 2013


RegeneCure Bone Aid for Dental Implant

RegeneCure has started a clinical study using the company’s proprietary AMCA Guided Bone Regeneration Dental Membrane as a bone stimulating aid for patients requiring dental implants. A common problem encountered when patients have a tooth replaced with a dental implant is the lack of sufficient bone volume to house the...
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Kadimastem Raises NIS 20.4 M

Kadimastem Ltd., which develops living tissue based on stem cells for drug research and possible future use in transplants, raised NIS 20.4 million in its IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), the first IPO on the market since late 2011. The company issued blocks of shares and warrants...
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German Delegation at BioMed

A delegation of representatives of four of the German life sciences and medical instrumentation clusters is in Israel for the IATI Israel BioMed 2013 week. The four networks will showcase the newest innovations and developments of the research, development and production bodies in the German medical technology and bio engineering...
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