German Delegation at BioMed

A delegation of representatives of four of the German life sciences and medical instrumentation clusters is in Israel for the IATI Israel BioMed 2013 week.

The four networks will showcase the newest innovations and developments of the research, development and production bodies in the German medical technology and bio engineering industries. These representatives, including researchers from various research and development areas, will be presented in lectures in the three day conference session, and will take part in the accompanying trade show (booth A44), which will also be their meeting point with their counterparts from Israel.

The delegation visit is part of an international campaign, held under the title of “Germany – Partner for Medical Technology”, launched by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aimed at representing the innovations in medical technology and promoting international research and development collaboration between Germany and potential partners, like Israel.

The four research and development clusters, PlasmaMedicine, MOIN, BioNanoMed and 3-D Imaging in Medicine, which will attend the Israel BioMed week, will represent their newest innovations in imaging technology, in-vitro diagnosis and tissue and cell engineering.

“Israel and Germany complement each other in life sciences”, said Dr Georg Schütte, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. “During the ‘2013 Israel BioMed’ event, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research will present, through the R&D clusters/centers, the advantage of collaborating with them”.

According to Dr Schütte, medical technology and life sciences, which overlap with or border on so many areas of information technology and engineering sciences, increasingly become important to the life of all of us. This is also true for Germany, which is one of the leading producers of quality medical instrumentation.

The German medical instrumentation and medical technology sectors hold ca. 14.6 percent of the global market, second only to the USA. Moreover, between 5 to 20 percent (depending on subject) of scientific publications in medical technology originate from Germany. This German specialization as well as the cross-sector and interdisciplinary collaboration, positions German medical technology as one of the global drivers of innovation in this area, making the collaboration with Israel which is one of the first class global players in life sciences, an obvious choice.

“Today, more than ever before, scientific and technological progress is no longer being driven forward within national borders, but as part of international collaboration of leading experts”, comments Dr Schütte. “So, with the international topic campaign ‘Germany – Partner for Medical Technology’ the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research does not only aim to promote selected research networks at key trade shows and congresses in important target markets, but to initiate international research and development cooperation projects with, for example, Israeli research partners. Israel with its innovative research and start-up community, especially in life sciences, is an important partner country for German scientists and engineers.”

The four R&D clusters that will be represented at the IATI-BioMed are dealing with innovative imaging techniques and plasma medicine: BioNanoMed from Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia), Molecular Imaging Network from Kiel (Schleswig-Holstein), PlasmaMedicine from Greifswald (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania) und 3-D Imaging in Medicine from Erlangen (Bavaria).

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