RegeneCure Bone Aid for Dental Implant

RegeneCure has started a clinical study using the company’s proprietary AMCA Guided Bone Regeneration Dental Membrane as a bone stimulating aid for patients requiring dental implants.

A common problem encountered when patients have a tooth replaced with a dental implant is the lack of sufficient bone volume to house the implant. Consequently there is often a need to support the implant with a bone substitute until the natural bone regenerates. The bone substitute material, in turn, needs to be held in place by a membrane.

RegeneCure’s innovative Dental Membrane has properties that provide important quality and safety advantages over currently-used collagen–based membranes:

The membrane is entirely synthetic, thereby eliminating the risk of contamination by pathogens that may be present in animal-tissue-derived membranes: derived from animal tissues.

The membrane degrades slowly, giving the natural bone more time to properly regenerate;

The membrane accelerates healing by enabling excellent cell adherence, proliferation and differentiation of stem cells into the bone tissue, while preventing connective tissue from infiltrating into the healing space.

“Pre-clinical trials have shown excellent healing, including complete restoration of the bone,” said Moshe Tzabari, CEO of RegeneCure, adding “Our technology is designed to improve and accelerate healing in a large variety of medical procedures.”

RegeneCure recently began to market the company’s AMCA membrane in the veterinary market where is is being used to accelerate healing in a wide variety of bone fractures.

A total of 32 patients suffering from insufficient bone volume for dental implant placement will be enrolled in the prospective, randomized, controlled study. One study arm, comprising 16 patients, will use RegeneCure’s membrane; the other study arm, also comprising 16 patients, will use a collagen membrane. Study participants will include non-smokers and smokers, in order to provide clinical data for potential use in both smoking and non-smoking populations. The study will examine if RegeneCure’s membrane enables a similar or better amount of lateral bone fill compared with the collagen membrane which is considered the gold standard treatment today. Each patient will be followed over a 6-month period.

The Principal Investigators are Prof. Lior Shapira, Chairman of the Department of Periodontology at the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel and Prof. Eli Machtei, Director of the Dept. of Oral Medicine & Periodontology at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel.

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