Wearable Device Monitors At-Risk Coronavirus Patients

Somatix has deployed its wearable-enabled remote patient-monitoring product in healthcare facilities in Israel in order to monitor the condition of at-risk coronavirus patients. The company’s solution uses patented gesture-detection technology and machine learning algorithms to analyze users’ gesture data in real time.

The company’s algorithms generate insights about potential adverse events by remotely and passively monitoring physical and emotional indicators such as activity levels, sleep quality, poor medical compliance, falls, dehydration, irregularities, and more. This data empowers healthcare providers with valuable clinical insights, helping them maintain continuous contact with and improve the well-being of those under their care.

Somatix currently works with elder care facilities across the care continuum, including independent living, assisted living, sub-acute short-term care, and nursing homes, as well as hospitals (for use with discharged patients) and substance abuse rehabilitation centers.

The company’s AI-powered remote patient monitoring platform has recently been distributed to observe at-risk patients in need of further evaluation, to reduce hospitalizations, and to monitor the health and wellbeing of patients and seniors at home and in healthcare facilities due to COVID-19.

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