AntisepTech Uses Smartphone to Detect Viruses

AntisepTech is a digital health startup focused on helping health organizations prevent infections and confront lawsuits while enabling patients, families, and healthcare workers to stay safe and feel safe. The company has developed a patented technology designed to reduce the invisible hand-to-hand spread of germs and viruses.

AntisepTech uses the user’s smartphone to provide a real-time interactive heatmap of hand contact and to pinpoint the suspected location of germs and viruses inside a patient’s room. This information can facilitate increased awareness, a safer environment, and a new patient experience.

The company’s solution automatically monitors the user’s hand hygiene practices based on best practices and in compliance with CDC and WHO recommendations. Its patented technology is integrated into a digital platform that encourages patients, families, and providers to interact and collaborate.

AntisepTech respects both patient privacy and healthcare workers’ ethical constraints. The company’s solutions have received excellent recognition from infection prevention specialists in both the U.S. and Israel.

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