Neetour: Respiratory Monitor Trial

Necessity is the mother of invention: When Dr. Ofer Hornick, looking for a way to monitor the breathing of patients in his anxiety clinic, realized that the kind of device he needed didn’t exist, he began a process that led to the invention of a technology that monitors in real-time the levels of carbon dioxide in arterial blood .
Known as the Capno-Pulse, the technology also led to the founding in 2010 of a start-up, Neetour Medical, based in the Granot Incubator.

“The technology has a wide range of non-invasive applications for detecting respiratory failure,” explains Neetour CEO, Guy Lerner. He points out that the company is focusing on using the device initially to monitor patients undergoing sedation.

“A change in the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is evident in the blood

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of a patient within ten seconds if their condition starts to deteriorate, whereas a change in oxygen levels, takes much longer, about four or five minutes,” says Lerner.

As currently-used devices rely on the measurement of oxygen levels, Lerner believes that the Capno-Pulse will prove superior in monitoring respiratory levels for patients in a wide variety of hospital, private clinic and homecare settings.

The company is currently planning a clinical study at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital for patients suffering from lung disease.

Lerner previously was the founder and CEO of HomeFree Systems within Attenti Group (Acquired by 3M), a High-Tech Israeli provider of advanced monitoring solutions for residents in senior housing, hospitals and private homes.

Neetour Medical is currently raising $1.2 million in a private placement.

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