TeleRescue Device Treats Heart Attack Victims

TeleRescue plans to apply for EU approval for a device that can automatically treat a person undergoing a heart attack.

“Our Autonomous Defibrillation System may save more than 50 percent of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) victims,” says CEO Dr. Shamir Lebovitz. The system consists of a lightweight personal monitoring and defibrillation system that is activated in a very short time after occurrence of SCA. The system operates without outside in and which is independent of the presence of anybody else operating the system.

The system is comprised of three modules:

An ECG sensing module, that is permanently attached to the patient and continuously transmits the data to the defibrillator module; a defibrillator module that can be either attached to the patient or rest on the charging module in standby for immediate attachment and activation. This module receives the ECG data in wireless mode, evaluates it and then either applies defibrillation directly or sends the data to a medical call center that eventually sends back a defibrillation command. The module has additional voice communication features and automatic transmission of the location of the patient (to be used by follow-up team summoned to the patient). A charging and testing module which charges all batteries and periodically tests the other 2 modules.

Dr. Lebovitz is a gynecologist and the founder the Bio-Term startup, a developer of novel therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of pre-term labor and for the induction of labor.

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