IATI-BIOMED June 10-12 to be Crowd-Driven

The Israel Advanced Technology Industry (IATI) on June 10-12 in Tel Aviv is taking the innovation conversation to the next level at its 12th annual IATI-BioMed Conference, and is inviting participants to take the stage and present their latest, most cutting edge developments in Life Sciences to date.

For the first time ever, Israeli and international Biomed companies, scientists and entrepreneurs will be given the Chance-To-Speak and present their latest innovations at the IATI BioMed Conference, simply by submitting a 200 word abstract on the topic they wish to showcase.

Conference participants will be able to vote for the companies they wish to hear on the IATI BioMed Conference website. The top 250 applicants will be given the opportunity to present for 20 minutes and show how their work is changing the international Life Science sphere.

Not only will the presentation tables be turned, but so will the platform they are presented upon. Instead of the traditional staged presentation format, the conference will be structured in “Hyde Park” fashion.

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