Mentor for Medical Device Startup: Vascular Procedures

The US Israel Business Council is seeking mentors to work with  promising Israeli startups. In the medical device arena the Council has selected HDH Medical. The startup has developed and commercialized a platform technology for creating suture-less anastomosis in hollow organs, including the treatment of occlusions, aneurysms and traumas in vascular surgery. Instead of time consuming and technically challenging sutures, a surgeon can now use the proprietary CE approved BYFix Anastomotic Device and surgical instrument kits to connect all leading, commercially available vascular grafts to the patients blood vessel, without leakages or migrations in open and Laparoscopic minimally invasive procedures.  Usage of BYFix reduces the cross-clamping time, complications and cost while improving outcomes including shorter hospital stays.  Each year, there are more than 320,000 vascular procedures globally in which BYFix Anastomotic Devices and instrument kits can be used.  Additional devices, currently in development, will complement the company portfolio in the fields of vascular, general and GI surgery. Ideal mentors: HDH Medical is looking for a wide variety of mentors who have experience with medical devices. They primarily need help on the business development side including help with the marketing, strategic development and fund raising activities. Mentors who have worked with large multinationals in the medical device field and/or those who have some experience with medical device startups are most appreciated.

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