Affordable Healthcare for India

The Pears 2017 Challenge on Affordable Healthcare for India is presently recruiting. A launch event will be held at 2B-Community in Tel Aviv on Nov. 20 with some of Israel’s most exciting technology for good entrepreneurs.  Speakers include
  • Yoel Cheshin, Chairman of 2B Angels, Israel’s first Angel Impact Investing Network;
  • Yosef Abramowitz, CEO of Energiya Global, which built the largest commercial solar field in East Africa;
  • Ariel Beery, CEO of Mobile ODT, developer of an award winning technology to diagnose cancer through smartphones.
    The Pears Challenge is a venture builder which takes outstanding, experienced Israeli innovators and entrepreneurs and gives them the knowledge, networks and skills to succeed in developing country markets.  The program aims to create a new generation of successful Israeli companies with technologies that can transform the lives of poor people worldwide.   Ventures from the first two Pears Challenge cohorts have already raised over a million dollars in seed financing and are deploying their solutions across Africa and Central America.                                                                             Applications close November 29 for the highly competitive program.  The Challenge, which this year will focus on affordable healthcare for low and lower-middle income Indians, launches in January.  It will start with a 5 month ideation lab where fellows will work with leading experts in India and Israel to develop their venture ideas.   The most promising ventures emerging out of this process will be flown for 2 weeks to India to validate their ideas and meet with potential Indian investors and clients.   At the end of this process, they will be supported in the process of finding seed capital.  Ventures from past Pears Challenge cohorts have received significant funding from USAID, Techstars, the Israel Innovation Authority and angel investors, making the Pears Challenge one of the most successful  venture builders in Israel.  This year’s Pears Challenge is being operated with the support of  the Israeli digital health incubator MindUp, Sheba Medical Centre, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre, A&G Partners and APN Law Firm, in addition to several top Indian VCs and technology hubs.                                                         Dr. Aliza Inbal, Director of the Pears Program for Global Innovation at Tel Aviv University, which houses the Pears Challenge, “The Indian market represents a tremendous opportunity for Israeli startups.  The healthcare market is projected to grow to $280 billion by 2020.  Indian healthcare providers are hungry for low-cost solutions that will enable them to extend healthcare to the Indian masses.   They are in deep need of point of care diagnostics, remote patient monitoring and patient record management solutions.                                                                                         “The Indian innovation ecosystem is hungry to work with Israeli startups. We are approached on a monthly basis by Indian multinationals interested in Israeli technologies for low and lower middle income Indians.  Presently, there simply is not enough Israeli technology appropriate for this enormous market.  Israeli innovators are still mostly looking West and high-end when the fastest growing markets are actually East and low-to-mid range. The Pears Challenge aims to change this situation by helping outstanding Israeli entrepreneurs learn about needs, develop business models specific to the way India operates and connect with Indian tech hubs, investors, multinationals and healthcare providers.  We believe that by building bridges between the Start-Up Nation and the massive Indian market, we can help Israeli companies succeed with breakthrough solutions that bring healthcare to the world’s poor.” </p> The recruitment event will be held Sunday November 20, 19:00-21:00 at 2B-Community, Shoken 32, Tel Aviv. For more details on the Pears Challenge and registration:   For more details or to attend the Nov.20 launch event: Dr. Aliza Inbal, Director, Pears Challenge for Global Innovation, Tel Aviv Unviersity 0544912771,    

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