Medicortex Clinical Trial for Head Injury

Medicortex Finland Oy ( has started a clinical trial  to collect body fluid samples of 12 patients who have sustained a head injury, and analyze for the existence of a biomarker between the patients and healthy control subjects. The  biotechnology company is developing a diagnostic kit for brain injury based on a medical breakthrough biomarker.</p> “Collecting and testing human samples in a clinical trial is a significant accomplishment for Medicortex, and represents a meaningful step forward in the development of a fast inexpensive diagnostic kit for head injury,” said Dr. Adrian Harel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medicortex Finland. “Brain injury is a devastating condition with mortality if not diagnosed. The opportunity to develop the first portable non-invasive kit for head injury and concussion to help the patients and families that so desperately need it is remarkable.”</p>   Dr. Marten Kvist, “We are excited to begin a clinical test, confirming the presence of this unique biomarker, it will be further developed into a diagnostic aid for first responders and paramedics, it will help prioritize evacuation and reframe from administration of contraindicated medications”</p> Medicortex is working towards the identification of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) biomarker and incorporating it into a quick and reliable diagnostic kit that can be easily used by the first responders and healthcare professionals, and also by people with no medical profession.</p> Medicortex is targeting glycoproteins/peptidoglycan that are a result of cellular proteins/enzymes interaction in the injured cells, which are exposed to each other due to cells being damaged.</p> “We have the know-how to capture and quantify proteolytic breakdown products. This product will increase (or decrease) following the injury, but must be in correlation with the severity of the injury,” says CEO Dr. Adrian Harel.</p> Kit Advantages
  • Mobility (can be used anywhere including in the battlefield)
  • Does not expose the diagnosed individuals to radiation (CT/MRI), especially infants
  • Disposable (no electricity, maintenance, software, training and other overhead                expenses)
  • Easy to use (go/no go).
  • Fast (time is a critical factor). Diagnosis result does not need analysis
  • Cheap (will be used for diagnosis more than other options)
  • Maybe sponsored by insurance companies for lowering TBI injuries claims
  • Can be sold as “off the shelf” product.
  • Paramedics/first responders prioritization of evacuation
This clinical trial is supported and funded in part by Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation)   Medicortex Finland Oy is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing diagnostics and treatments for acute neurodegenerative conditions, including brain injury and concussion. One of the company’s missions is to identify a new biomarker in order to reliably assess the severity and extent of brain injury. Medicortex was founded by Dr. Adrian Harel in Turku, Finland, in 2014 and it operates as a privately owned company. Dr. Harel has a track record in the business management and leadership of early-stage biotechnology companies.

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