Monthly Archives: November 2011


LycoRed Microencapsulates Omega 3 in Cookies

Beer Sheva-based LycoRed has launched an Omega 3 supplement that can be used in baked goods and candies because it is able to survive heating. The company has completed successful trials of its supplement in chocolates, crackers and bread. LycoRed  whose main business is natural nutritional supplements and colorants, launched...
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Cheryl Singer: MarCom Specialist

Marketing communications is a largely misunderstood field in the life science industry, says Cheryl Singer. Too often, she points out, CEOs or CTOs have no idea that their style of writing or approach to presentations, does not speak to their audience. Learning this the hard way is not uncommon. Cheryl...
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Compugen at European Antibody Congress

Compugen CEO Dr. Anat Cohen-Dayag will be one of the Israeli companies  presenting  at the European Antibody Congress in Geneva on Nov. 29. The 7th annual European Antibody Congress covers antibody development, antibody production and monoclonal antibodies. The event includes presentations by  Roche, Novartis and MedImmune on  monoclonal antibody developments. Topics include:  how...
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