£10 million UK-Israel Research Program

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15 UK-Israel research projects was announced at the first UK-Israel Regenerative Medicine Conference at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev taking place Nov. 22-23 .

Referring to the £10 million UK-Israel BIRAX program, British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould told the participants, “The deal is this: you come up with the proposals, me and my team will try and raise the money so that we can try and fund the best of them.”
The conference is the inaugural event of the BIRAX – Regenerative Medicine Initiative, a five-year program established by the British Council in cooperation with the British Embassy and Pears foundation.


About 60 British scientists were among the 250 conference participants.
The conference also marked the official Call for Proposals.










More details can be found at www.biraxrmi.org.























































photo by Mati Milstein, courtesy of the British Council

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