Vaxil Starts Multiple Myeloma Trial

Vaxil Bio Ltd. (TASE: VAXL-M), announced that Vaxil BioTherapeutics has recruited the first two patients for the follow up clinical trial study (VAXIL-002) in patients with Multiple Myeloma at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.

The VAXIL-002 trial is a follow-up clinical study to examine the long term safety, quality of life and long term efficacy of treatment using Vaxil’s therapeutic cancer vaccine, ImMucin. Enrollment in the VAXIL-002 study is open to those Multiple Myeloma patients, who participated in Vaxil’s VAXIL-001 trial and who demonstrated a clinical response i.e. those patients who following treatment with ImMucin in the VAXIL-001 study did not require any additional treatment for their disease. Patients enrolled in VAXIL-002 will not receive additional treatment with ImMucin but will be only monitored. However the trial will provide Vaxil with broader information regarding the long term effect of ImMucin. biochem-banner

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