Telemedicine kit for Home Diagnosis

Your preschooler wakes up with an earache and fever. You tell your boss you’ll be late to work, wangle a pediatrician appointment, bundle up the sick kid, sit in a waiting room full of other sick kids, spend five minutes with the doctor, and leave with a prescription and/or orders to return for a follow-up exam. All parents loathe this scenario, but Israeli dad and healthcare industry entrepreneur Dedi Gilad took the initiative to change it. His vision was a home telemedicine kit to help parents perform standard throat, ear, eye, skin, heart and lung examinations of high enough quality to enable a remote diagnosis by the child’s physician. And it would not be limited only to pediatric patients. In 2012, Gilad and Ofer Tzadik founded TytoCare and spent nearly three years perfecting the technology and design. The Netanya-based company raised $18.5 million from investors including US drugstore chain Walgreens, and now is beta-testing its user-friendly kits for home and clinical use. The telehealth platform and home kit includes a modular device with a stethoscope, otoscope and computer-vision camera, along with smart audio-visual guidance to the user. Exam results are transmitted to the patient’s chosen clinician via a HIPAA-compliant secure connection.

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