Surgical Theater Finalist in Digital Health

Surgical Theater has been nominated as a finalist in the 2015 Everyday Health Awards for innovation in digital health and wellness solutions. The company was founded by former Israeli Air Force officers Alon Geri and Moty Avisar in 2010, developed a revolutionary brain surgery simulation method for doctors. Much like a flight simulator, Surgical Theater helps surgeons with pre-operative and intra-operative surgery preparation, making sure that doctors are fully briefed and prepared before embarking on complex surgical procedures.

The SuRgical Planner™ reconstructs CT and MRI images/scans (DICOM) into dynamic, interactive 3D models with life-like tissue reaction and accurate modeling of surgery tools. The SRP allows surgeons to plan and rehearse a specific patient’s case. The tissue reacts realistically to actions taken by the surgeon, allowing accurate pre-surgery rehearsal, permitting surgeons to “pre-live the future” of their cases.

The SRP shows the clip being applied on the aneurysm, allowing the surgeon to inspect and evaluate proper application of the clip from all possible angles. The aneurysm is squeezed by the clip demonstrating the tissue’s mechanical properties and realistic OR microscope visual characteristics (shadowing, texture).

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