Startup Helps Maccabi Healthcare Spot High-Risk Covid-19 Patients

Medial EarlySign along with Maccabi Healthcare Services, is developing an algorithm to identify high-risk COVID cases.

EarlySign’s COVID Complications AlgoMarker Identifies individuals at increased risk for having COVID-19 complications. With the goal of prioritizing patients for COVID-19 testing and treatment, this new AlgoMarker aids in triaging patients by reducing chart review time to determine whether they are potentially at high risk for hospitalization, complications, and mortality. Using proven AI algorithms, the COVID Complications AlgoMarker is optimized to accelerate efforts to identify those patients in need of early intervention.

The company develops decision-support tools based on machine learning that expose the hidden layer of information in standard medical data. These new insights enable personal and outcome-based interpretation of medical data, yielding individualized predictions and treatment options for each patient, as well as early prediction of life-threatening conditions. The company’s tools are designed to offer healthcare organizations a new way of looking at their data, empowering them with proactive, personalized, and predictive care management capabilities.

Medial EarlySign built and refined an algorithmic platform designed to handle large-scale medical data and billions of medical data elements. The company’s validated algorithmic-medical platform creates thousands of parameters based on existing medical data, analyzing trends and relationships over time. This enables users to set personalized risk levels for mass populations in moments and identify individuals who may require further intervention.

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