Rosetta Genomics Gets Cancer Diagnostic Patent

Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. (NASDAQ: ROSG) has received a patent allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for Patent Application 12/800,556 titled, “MICRORNAS AND USES THEREOF.” The allowed claims cover the composition of matter for miR-378, a core element of Rosetta Genomics’ microRNA technology used in its miRview(R) mets and miRview(R) mets2 diagnostic tests for the accurate identification of the primary tumor type in Cancer of Unknown Primary (“CUP”) patients as well as cancer patients with difficult to diagnose metastases. Once issued, this patent will provide protection through May 2024.

The allowed claims provide for miR-378 as a specific microRNA sequence, as well as sequence variants, as opposed to general mechanisms or concepts. The allowed claims are directed to novel technologies that can be used for detecting and profiling microRNAs, and have application in the use of microRNA-378 as diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutics targets.

miRview(R) mets and miRview(R) mets^2 accurately identify the primary tumor type in primary and metastatic cancer including Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP). miRview(R) squamous accurately identifies the squamous subtype of non-small cell lung cancer, which carries an increased risk of severe or fatal internal bleeding and poor response to treatment for certain therapies. miRview(R) meso diagnoses mesothelioma, a cancer connected to asbestos exposure. miRview(R) lung accurately identifies the four main subtypes of lung cancer using small amounts of tumor cells. miRview(R) tests are designed to provide objective diagnostic data; it is the treating physician’s responsibility to diagnose and administer the appropriate treatment. In the U.S. alone, Rosetta Genomics estimates that 200,000 patients a year may benefit from the miRview(R) mets and miRview(R) mets^2 test, 60,000 from miRview(R) squamous, 60,000 from miRview(R) meso and more than 1 million patients worldwide from miRview lung. T

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