Rainbow Medical at BrainTech

Rainbow co-founder and CEO Efi Cohen-Arazi will be speaking at Israel Brain Technologies’ (IBT) BrainTech 2015, at a panel titled “BrainLaunch! Starting & Incubating Neurotech Companies.” And Rainbow’s team will be looking out for the next brilliant idea in brain technology at BrainTech 2015.

“Brain tecRainbow Medicahnology is a key area of interest for Rainbow Medical,” says Rainbow Medical COO Gilad Peleg Lorberbaum. He cites BlueWind Medical, a Rainbow portfolio company, which is developing a novel wireless neuro-stimulation device for the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain (PNP). Of the twenty or so medical device technology companies in the early stages of Rainbow’s pipeline, about a quarter are developing solutions in the braintech arena.

Rainbow Medical works in a different format than “regular” venture capital firms. Entrepreneurs and ideas are developed from the very earliest stages and receive both funding and strategic and business direction. The company was co-founded by Yossi Gross, one of the world’s most highly renowned medical device investors, who has over 700 patents to his name.

Gilad holds IBT’s activities in very high regard: “IBT really has no replacement,” he says. “Having such a focal point that connects all the players in braintech – in Israel and internationally – and brings them together, from academics to the medical and business communities, this is crucially important.”

“Braintech is a key area of interest for Rainbow Medical, so we’ll definitely be on the lookout at BrainTech for new ideas and partners,” concludes Gilad.

For more information on registration click here. (adapted from an article by Michal Chesla on the IBT blog)

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