Pharmacovigilance Comes to Israel

A branch of The International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) is being founded in Israel. “We hope to increase awareness about pharmacovigilance in the local industry and among all stakeholders,” says Dr. Irene Fermont, a founding member and a vice-president of ADDS (Advanced Drug & Device Services).

The need for improved pharmacovigilance in Israel has been underscored in recent years by several high-profile cases in which drugs and consumer products have reached Israeli consumers with adverse side effects caused by changes in the ingredients used.

Dr. Fermont has provided several courses on the subject for both local companies and the Ministry of Health. “I have seen an increased sensitization here to the need for pharmacovigilance,” she notes.

A reform of regulations governing Israeli pharmacovigilance is currently underway at a time that the international standards are also being made stricter in order to prevent safety crises.

Dr. Fermont is currently interviewing people who are interested in joining the non-profit organization. Please contact Dr Irene Fermont VP Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management

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