Micromedic in Beijing Trial

Micromedic Technologies which specializes in the development and commercialization of cancer diagnostic products has conducted the trial of its CellDetect for detecting cervical cancer at the Beijing Military Hospital.

The company said that the tests showed that the product marks cancer cells, thereby rendering the diagnostic process more effective. It also announced the receipt of a second significant order for the purchase of cervical cancer detection kits from its strategic partner in China, Biomics Co., comprising kit materials for approximately 100,000 tests. This follows the first commercial consignment that Micromedic sent to Biomics, containing kit materials for 20,000 tests.

Cervical cancer is the second most common cause of death from cancer among women worldwide. About 85% of all cases of cervical cancer diagnosed worldwide were diagnosed in developing or under-developed regions.

The CellDetect technology is designed to allow cancerous cells and healthy cells to be distinguished using special differential staining. The company is presently using this technology to focus the development of products for the detection and identification of cervical cancer and monitoring the recurrence of bladder cancer.

The cervical cancer detection screening diagnostic test kit is at its initial marketing stage. In parallel, the Company is advancing in a clinical trial to prove the ability of the product to monitor recurrence of bladder cancer. Micromedic believes that the underlying CellDetect technology has applications for other additional cancer indications.

Micromedic believes that its product for the detection and identification of cervical cancer has a competitive advantage in developing markets such as Far East countries China and India, with the Chinese market being one of the main target markets for sales of the Company’s products.

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