Merck, Weizmann Institute Cancer Deal

WIth more than 300 employees at four sites throughout Israel, Merck KgaA, a multifaceted chemical and technology company, has quietly emerged as one of the major multinational firms with a significant presence in Israel. The company announced this week that it was furthering its stake in Israeli tech by signing a new framework agreement with the Weizmann Institute to research new solutions in the area of biotechnology and cancer research. “We have focused our healthcare research activities on the highly promising fields of immuno-oncology, immunology and oncology, as we’re striving to deliver new solutions to respond to unmet medical needs,” said Stefan Oschmann, deputy CEO and vice chairman of the executive board of Merck. “We’re excited that the new framework agreement will cover the first two of these three areas, and we are already looking forward to the proposals of the distinguished Weizmann scientists.” As part of the new framework agreement, Merck will fund each of the two research areas with up to € 1 million per year over the initial three-year period. On a recent visit to Israel, Karl-Ludwig Kley, CEO of Merck KgaA, said that “15 percent of our products have an Israeli background, many of them researched at the Weizmann Institute. We have strong working relationships to develop products with all of Israel’s research institutes. “We are proud that such a fruitful relationship like the one we have with Merck has now been extended,” said Professor Mudi Sheves, the vice president of technology transfer of the Weizmann Institute. “We nowhave the chance to take part in creating new innovative solutions in such critical fields that so many patients globally are suffering from.”

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