Medicare to Cover Rosetta Genomics Cancer Diagnostic

Rosetta Genomics Ltd. (NASDAQ: ROSG)announced that Novitas, the designated Medicare Administrative Contractor for the Company’s miRview(R) mets^2 assay, has informed Rosetta that it plans to cover this assay for all Medicare beneficiaries. MiRview(R) mets^2 accurately identifies the primary tumor of origin in primary and metastatic cancer including Cancer of Unknown or Uncertain Primary (“CUP”).

The policy will cover the 45 million Medicare beneficiaries and will enable Rosetta to provide the miRview(R) mets2 assay for Medicare beneficiaries throughout the U.S. at no cost to the patient, thereby eliminating an adoption barrier for the physician ordering the test and for the patient.

miRview(R) Products are a series of microRNA-based diagnostic products offered by Rosetta Genomics. miRview(R) mets and miRview(R) mets^2 accurately identify the primary tumor type in primary and metastatic cancer including Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP). miRview(R) squamous accurately identifies the squamous subtype of non-small cell lung cancer, which carries an increased risk of severe or fatal internal bleeding and poor response to treatment for certain therapies. miRview(R) meso diagnoses mesothelioma, a cancer connected to asbestos exposure. miRview(R) lung accurately identifies the four main subtypes of lung cancer using small amounts of tumor cells. miRview(R) kidney accurately classifies the four most common kidney tumors: Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), Papillary RCC, Chromophobe RCC and Oncocytoma. miRview(R) tests are designed to provide objective diagnostic data; it is the treating physician’s responsibility to diagnose and administer the appropriate treatment. In the U.S. alone, Rosetta Genomics estimates that 200,000 patients a year may benefit from the miRview(R) mets and miRview(R) mets^2 test, 60,000 from miRview(R) squamous, 60,000 from miRview(R) meso, 54,000 from miRview(R) kidney and more than 1 million

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patients worldwide from miRview(R) lung.

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