Kaiima Raises $65 M for Seed Breeding

Kaiima Bio-Agritech Ltd., has raised more than US$65 million in equity from three new investors as well as some current ones. The three new investors are: Horizons Ventures, which manages the private investments of Mr Li Ka-shing in internet and technology globally; the International Financial Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group and Infinity Group, the leading cross-border, China-focused private equity fund and innovation platform. Existing investors include: DFJ, DFJ-Tamir Fishman, Mitsui, KPCB, Oberlee and Musea Ventures.

Kaiima’s proprietary Enhanced Ploidy technology (EP™) multiplies the plant’s genome without compromising its integrity. This non-GMO technology is implemented within the genome of crops that are vital to global food security as well as specific energy crops, to significantly boost productivity and improve land and water-use efficiencies. V “By 2050, farmers will be tasked to produce 70% more food than they do today to sustain the growing world population,” said Dr. Doron Gal, chief executive officer of Kaiima. “This is a daunting challenge that modern agricultural technology must rise up to meet. The strategic alliance we have formed with our new investors fuels our rapid advances in yield enhancement technology, and positions Kaiima to become an outstanding participant in the global fight against hunger.”

“The fastest growth in demand for food and subsequently the greatest opportunity for crop yield enhancements exists in the emerging markets,” said Ruzgar Barisik, investment officer at IFC. “Technology innovation is creating the means for enhancing food production to meet the increasing demand for food while limiting the impact on the environment, a critical objective during times of climate change.”

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