K Health Raises $132 M to Diagnose Corona and other Symptoms

Israel’s K Health, has raised $132 million. The company has developed a free mobile app that enables users to insert their age and gender and ailments to get an immediate initial diagnosis of what could be afflicting them.

According to Allon Bloch, K Health’s CEO and co-founder when Covid-19 broke out, it created a dynamic whereby people couldn’t reach their doctors and they began to see the valu of having their ailments diagnosed remotely. “We estimate that 90% of the problems can be solved remotely, and if need be, we can refer patients to an expert physician or an intensive care unit. Our costs are substantially lower than a doctor’s visit, which costs tens of dollars even if you have insurance,” said Bloch.“One of the reasons that many of the ailments we treat can be solved remotely is due to the fact that we possess a database that is continuously learning. There is much talk these days of personalized healthcare, but it rarely exists because companies aren’t able to gather data in an orderly manner and get it in the hands of doctors. With us, we offer personalized healthcare from day one, and now due to our collaboration with Mayo Clinic, it will be even more advanced,” he added.

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