Intensix Teams With Mayo Clinic

Israeli big data and intensive care analytics startup Intensix has signed an agreement with Mayo Clinic in the US to commence a study of early predictions of life-threatening complications in a critical care setting. The study will focus on the feasibility of using the Intensix platform to predict patient deterioration associated with infection in the ICU. The pioneering Intensix platform applies machine learning on big data to produce accurate predictive clinical analytics which provide clinical, operational and financial benefits to ICU staff and management. The Intensix solution is intended to significantly improve clinical outcomes and reduce the average length of stay (ALOS) – benefits that lower the hospital’s treatment costs and free up revenue-producing ICU beds. Intensix CEO Gal Salomon said, “Our dynamic analytical engine and cutting-edge real-time predictive analytics have yielded a platform that is relevant for all stages of an ICU stay. We are pleased to cooperate with the prestigious Mayo Clinic to explore how harnessing the power of the Intensix platform affect clinical outcomes, increase quality care and reduce costs.”

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