Gour Medical Lists on Paris Stock Market

GOUR Medical, an animal health specialist , has listed on Marché Libre Euronext Paris (ISIN code: CH0342399851; Ticker: MLGML), the French securities market. GOUR Medical is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and marketing of veterinary drugs for mature pets. Having first identified and acquired a number of drug candidates from the human health industry, GOUR Medical has then been able to maximize their clinical and market potential in order to treat mature pets. GOUR Medical has signed exclusive and worldwide licensing agreements with several bio-pharmaceutical leaders in human health for the development and marketing of their products for veterinary use. GOUR Medical’s portfolio includes four innovative products / product lines, some of which will be ready to be marketed shortly:
  • A line of ophthalmological products, with planned market launch during the second half of 2017;
  • Gour-153, a painkiller scheduled to be marketed in 2018;
  • Gour-713 and Gour-419, two products currently under development for the treatment of anxiety and atopic dermatitis respectively.
The pet health market, which is currently estimated at € 9.4 billion worldwide, is experiencing strong and consistent growth and is expected to reach more than € 13 billion by 2020 (CAGR +7%). This trend looks sustainable, as pets are increasingly well fed and cared for. Indeed, the life expectancy of dogs’ and cats’ continues to increase and aging animals are the most likely to contract diseases.

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