CollPlant Wound Trial Interim Results

CollPlant Holdings Ltd. (TASE: CLPT) reported successful interim results in a preclinical (animal) trial its VergenixFG wound dressing gel made of pure recombinant human collagen, for the treatment of skin lesions. The trial found that the product was effective and had statistically significant better results than corresponding products on the market that are based on bovine collagen.

The primary endpoint of the trial was to test the effectiveness of VergenixFG gel compared with corresponding products on the market. The trial found that the gel was able to jump start the closing of wounds and speed up the healing process. There was a lower inflammatory response compared with commercial products, and rapid development of the blood vessels in the epidermal layers that are critical to the healing process, resulting in a rapid closing of the wound. The interim results of the trial will enable CollPlant to further develop the VergenixFG. The company added that human clinical trials and other requirements will be needed for approval of the product for human use.

CollPlant president and CEO Yehiel Tal said, “The wound healing market is worth several billion dollars a year, and CollPlant aims to become a key player in it. I believe in VergenixFG’s potential to heal wounds, and that it will quickly enter the market.

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