CollPlant Wound Closure Trial Success

CollPlant has successfully completed a wound closure clinical study opening the path toward regulatory certifications required for commercialization of CollPlant’s products. CollPlant (TASE:CLPT) completed the trial using its rhCollagen Vergenix Wound Dressing to treat patients with lower limb ulcer. The objective of the study was to assess the safety and performance of the treatment with Vergenix®WD produced by CollPlant. CollPlant is already in advanced stages of the CE marking process for the Vergenix®WD.

Dr. Eran Tamir, the principal investigator of the study from Maccabi Health Services stated “The speed of epitheliazation and wound closure was remarkable, when compared to dressings currently in clinical use. Vergenix®WD was also found to promote and accelerate the final wound healing stage, during which wound coverage with new skin takes place”.

Within the framework of the study, 16 diabetic patients with lower limb wounds were treated in two Maccabi Healthcare Wound Clinics in Israel. Each patient was treated with the product over the course of two weeks, and was monitored for one week after completion of treatment. The results of the study demonstrated that the healing process following Vergenix®WD treatment was characterized by rapid wound closure, alongside formation of new skin tissue. During and following treatment, no treatment-related side effects, such as inflammation or edema, were recorded, indicating that the Vergenix®WD dressing is safe for human use.

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