No-Soap Wash Protects Against Coronavirus

Israel’s Min of Health has approved a product that protects the skin against germs and viruses including Covid 19. Hetromistin Instant Crystal HetroCleaner,developed by TradeGel is an antiseptic, antibacterial, hypoallergenic solution designed to keep skin protected, healthy, and clean on a daily basis, thereby helping to fight COVID-19 in a safe way. The company‚Äôs clinically proven solution is odorless, will not stain clothes, and can be used without needing to be washed off with water. In addition, it can be used to wash off residuals left behind while providing antiseptic and hypoallergenic effects, with a balanced pH level of 4.4. Hetromistin also serves as a multifunctional disinfection solution for daily unisex use by reducing the risk of contracting a variety of fungal infections after being outdoors or visiting public places. The formula has a protected IP and is GMP certified.

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