Health Risks Increase Mycotoxin Demand

Fermentek reports a growing demand for mycotoxin products because of an increased awareness of health risks. Fermentek is the largest supplier of mycotoxins in large volumes in the world, especially for food and feed safety analytical laboratories. The company’s mycotoxin products are used as reference – standard materials. Fermentek also supplies standards to producers of mycotoxin detection kits.

Demand for Fermentek’s mycotoxin products for use in biological research continues to grow as mycotoxin products are added to animal feed for in vivo bioassay and toxicity tests.

In addition to direct health risk, economic losses arising from mycotoxicoses are enormous. Reducing mycotoxin levels reduces the financial burden on healthcare and confers international trade advantages such as exports to attractive European markets.

Also increasing is the awareness to the dangers that mycotoxins pose to human and animal. This has resulted in more researchers searching for solutions to the mycotoxin threats by physical, chemical and biological means. Studying the fate of mycotoxins and their residuals through various processing conditions often requires the deliberate contamination of food and feed using precise concentrations of mycotoxins. Fermentek offers a wide mycotoxin range to the scientific community that is involved in nutrition, animal science, post harvest diseases, and toxicology.

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