Biotech China Sept.21-23 Nanjing

The Biotech China Conference & Exhibition will be held on Sept.21-23 at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Israeli exhibitors and participants can obtain a discount by registering through BioIsrael.

The event is sponsored by the Nanjing Municipal Peoples’ Government Exhibition Office and China Quality Association for Pharmaceuticals. It represents the top level of China’s bio industry.

The Nanjing International Expo Center Hall covers an area of 168,000 square meters which be composed of eight single pavilions: 5760 indoor standard booths and 30,000 square meters outdoor exhibition area. The third phase of Nanjing International Expo Center will be built this year. 100,000 square meters with 5000 parking spaces and a complete coverage of wifi will present after construction, which solves the “difficult parking” and “no network” problem. Meanwhile, organizers distribute the pavilion with different exhibits in different area that will greatly improve the visiting efficiency. The special “360 degree no dead” exhibition will ensure the smooth of passenger flow and make each brand can get all-round display.

More Well-Known Enterprises from Home and Abroad

When most expo organizers raise booth fee and expand expo scale by every possible means, Biotech China remains booth fee below the industry average, and strictly controls the quality of exhibitors and exhibition space which aim to attract more professional enterprises and visitors. Overseas exhibitors from United States, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and many other countries/regions will be available in Sept. in Nanjing. You will find the latest scientific research achievements and technologies around the world, please enjoy yourself in communication and idea exchanging in 2015 Biotech China.

Meanwhile, organizers will set ingenuity “Innovation Island”, if you have latest products and technologies, please contact us to join the “Innovation Island” with lowest price and best service. Furthermore, all “Innovation Island” participator will get special media promotion before and after exhibition.

More Frontier Conferences and Forums

Supported by China Quality Association for Pharmaceuticals, Jiangsu Province Biomedical Industry Associations and other institutions more than 20 institutions, organizers will hold a series of forums, salons, matchmaking and other high-quality concurrent events for different themes during the exhibition. Dynamic events will include: I.The 3rd International Academic Conference on Biological medicine and Pharmaceutics, II. The 2nd China Health Service Conference and Internet+ enlarged Healthplex Upgrading Seminar, III. the discussion of the safety and quality of integrity among pharmaceutical companies, as well as pharmaceutical products salon and a number of promotions on-site. for more info:

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