Canine VacciCheck Reaches U.S. Market

The Spectrum Group will market Biogal-Galed Labs’ VacciCheck™ product in the US pet market.

The Canine VacciCheck™ kit is intended to be used as an in-house diagnostic tool to evaluate the amount of antibodies present for the core vaccines (Canine Infectious Hepatitis-Adenovirus Type 2, Canine Parvovirus, and Canine Distemper Virus).

The test is especially useful to determine if a dog requires additional core vaccination, and may save the dog from unnecessary over-vaccination and subsequent adverse events. It can also help determine the vaccination status of a dog with unknown history and determine if puppies have received adequate immunity from vaccination protocol.

Spectrum’s Canine VacciCheck™ has been described by Professor Ronald Schultz as “a cost effective, user friendly and expedient titer test”.

Canine VacciCheck™ is unique, as it quantitatively checks for all 3 core vaccines. This is carried out as a single test in a vet clinic, veterinary lab, animal shelter or boarding facility, with results available in 21 minutes, while the patient is present.

In cases of shelter hepatitis, parvo or distemper outbreaks, VacciCheck rapidly and cheaply tests populations that are susceptible to or protected from these diseases. This allows many animals to live, that might otherwise have been euthanized due to unknown antibody status.

Biogal developed the patented ImmunoComb technology for detecting antibody levels in blood or serum. Their newest product, VacciCheck™ has recently received USDA approval for the canine market. The feline version of this product is currently in development for the US market.

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