Can-Fite: Ophthalix Drug Effective for Eye Disease

OphthaliX (OTCBB: OPLI) has completed preclinical studies showing that its CF101 drug candidate is efficacious in treating Anterior Uveitis. The pre-clinical study data demonstrated that CF101 is efficacious in preventing the clinical manifestations of Anterior Uveitis in a well-established animal model. The current study data together with the previous published results showing the efficacy of CF101 in preventing Posterior Uveitis, strongly support the utilization

of CF101 as a drug candidate for the treatment of patients with Anterior or Posterior Uveitis and as such address a larger market than either alone. This market exceeds 200,000 patients and therefore CF101 does not fall in the FDA definition of an orphan drug for the Uveitis clinical application.

Prof. Pnina Fishman, interim CEO and Chairman of OphthaliX noted that the company is conducting all the preparatory work for a phase 2 study in Uveitis in addition to the ongoing studies in Dry Eye Syndrome and Glaucoma.

Can-Fite recently licensed its activity in the ophthalmic field to OphthaliX Inc.

OphthaliX Inc. (OTCBB: DCMG) is an advanced clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapeutic products for the treatment of ophthalmic disorders. Denali`s product candidate, CF101, is being developed to treat three ophthalmic indications: dry eye syndrome; glaucoma and uveitis.Can-Fite holds 82.3% in OphthaliX Inc.

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