Breast Milk Mimic Improves Brain Function

Enzymotec announced that InCogTM, an innovative lipid composition that is intended to mimic certain characteristics of human breast milk contributing to cognitive development, demonstrated enhanced brain development and improved survival in a preclinical study.

The study evaluated the effects of InCogTM in a term and preterm piglet model relevant for infants and demonstrated beneficial effects on brain development. In the preclinical study, only preterm piglets fed with a diet supplemented with InCogTM showed a significant increase in the weight of the cerebellum, leading to no discernible difference from normal term piglets. Additionally, only piglets on the diet that included InCogTM showed significantly elevated levels, by 52% as compared to control, of specialized cells within the cerebellum. These cells are responsible for motor and sensory information transmission. The study results also indicated substantial improvement in survival rates in both term and preterm piglets that were provided with supplemental InCogTM  in their diet as compared to piglets on a diet without InCogTM. The study was conducted in collaboration with the University of Memphis.

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