BioLert Links with My Epilepsy Diary

BioLert has linked the Epilert model V1 to the internet by developing software that interfaces with My Epilepsy Diary™, a service provided by the Epilepsy Therapy Project and Irody. BioLert is the developer of the wearable Epilert Seizure Alert Device that automatically alerts families and caregivers of a patient undergoing a seizure.

The bracelet device contains a sensor that detects the limb movements associated with an epileptic convulsion. Using a proprietary algorithmic method that virtually eliminates false alarms, the sensor sends a wireless signal to a remote alert unit monitored by family members or caregivers. The system also records seizure data and events which can be downloaded onto a computer for documentation of the patient’s history of seizures.

In the regular My Epilepsy Diary format, epilepsy patients or caregivers manually record and input information about seizures into a patient’s diary report on the internet. The documentation helps doctors assess the effectiveness of treatments administered.

The EpiLert – My Epilepsy Diary interface significantly enhances the documentation process because it enables reporting to be done more accurately in real time. Another advantage: the automated EpiLert reports record unnoticed seizures that may occur while the patient sleeps or is not being monitored.

The following is the sequence of events that occurs when an EpiLert – ‘My Epilepsy Diary’ report is sent to the patient’s personal computer (PC) which monitors and records each episode in real time:

• An epileptic seizure occurs. • Data is transmitted by the Sensor unit to the Alert Unit. • The seizure is detected. • The data is also transferred via the Alert Unit to the Personal Computer via a USB. • The PC presents an ‘Alert’ message on its screen. • The PC simultaneously connects to the internet and sends a report to the patient’s My Epilepsy Diary page.

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