Biotech China May 14-16: Subsidy for Israeli Companies

Israeli companies participating in Biotech China 2014 will receive up to 40% financial support from the Chinese government.

Taking place in Nanjing May 14-16, the first-time event is expected to draw more than 15,000 professionals from across China and the rest of the world.

“This major event promises to pave the way for a new era of Israeli-Chinese biotech collaboration,” commented Mr. Hu Ming, Commercial Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Biotech China 2014 will cover an exhibition space of 24,000m2, divided into 11 zones: the International Zone, Biotech Zone, Gene Industry Zone, Bio Pharmaceutical Zone, APIs Zone, Analytical Instruments Zone, Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment Zone, Packaging Zone, Clean Tech Zone, Healthcare Zone, and Services Zone.

Academic and trade-oriented programs held in parallel include the 7th Annual World Cancer Congress, the 5thNeuro Talk, the Product Manager Meeting, the Bio Art Forum, and Insight on Future Development of Bio Medicine Industry in China. Israeli companies wishing to set up booths, advertise in catalogues or attend the conferences will receive significant discounts. For details contact BioIsrael.

India, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Switzerland and other countries will be represented among the more than 400 exhibitors from 18 countries participating in Biotech China 2014.

From the local industry, more than 150 Chinese companies were registered for Biotech China 2014 as of the end of November, covering R&D, pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment, clean tech, analytical instruments, APIs and services sectors. Delegations from China National Association of Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Industry Technology Market, China Health Industry Alliance, China Association for Instrumental Analysis, Alliance of Bio-Box Outsourcing, China, China Medical Bio-Immunological Institute, China Pharmaceutical Profession Association, China Association for Healthcare Industry, China Medicine Health Industry Association and industrial bases from Guangdong, Sichuan, Yantai, etc. have also confirmed their participation.

The presence of leaders from the entire bio-pharmaceutical value chain will make Biotech China an ideal arena for strategic deal-making and networking.

Nanjing is a major hub in the Chinese biomed cluster that extends to Bejing. It is also a major tourist destination and combined business-tourism packages are available from BioIsrael.

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