Vaxil Lists in Toronto

Vaxil Bio has become the first Israeli biotech company to trade on the Toronto Stock Market. Vaxil’s shares are now trading under the symbol VXL. At a deemed value of $0.23 per share, the Company’s market value is approximately $11-Million. The Company’s financing and go-public were led by Sunel Securities Inc.</p>

Vaxil is a well-known, cutting-edge Israeli biotech focused on innovative cancer treatments, immuno-oncology, based in Israel’s scientific hub within the Weizmann Science Park and adjacent to the renowned Weizmann Institute, Israel’s top scientific institution. Vaxil was founded by immunotherapy “Thought Leader” Dr. Lior Carmon, a Weizmann PhD. The supporting scientific team includes Dr. Marian Gorecki, a fellow Weizmann PhD (and professor) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Post-Doctorate; Dr. Saeid Babaei, a University of Toronto PhD; and Dr. Benjamin Chen, a U. Wisconsin PhD and Stanford Cancer Research Fellow. Vaxil’s scientific platform has been under development since 2007 when Dr. Carmon raised the initial $2-Million to launch pre-clinical studies. Years of research have culminated in a significant cancer immunotherapy vaccine platform including a lead cancer vaccine candidate, Immucin.

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